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Yes yes…. the edit one will be replace later but since I’m leaving for almost a month I wanted you to read it. Hope you like it let me know what you think!

I wanna say thank you to this lovely people : hopepeacelovejoymikaelson runology101 lydiaprettymartin  aboutnici starbubbles25 fab-wild-n-free love u!

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Last day here with you before go until the end of August. I didn’t had time to make post to put on queue ;____________; I’m such terrible.

I’m gonna miss so many things next days I just know they’ll came up from comic con. I’ll feel like away from part of my world. Still I think It will help me to breathe a little bit it was a strange summer until now. And I’ll see my two cutie cousins Aurora & Francesco, they’re twins 4 years old and I love them so much!

*infinite cries here*

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 Auntie Bex telling to baby Hope the story of her family.

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#because he lost control #he lost the only thing he wanted #his baby #his princess #and even if she is happy with auntie bex #he still feel the loss #he can’t paint #he can’t make a plan #he just can’t understand #how to put together all this shit #to bring hope back #home #their home #with daddy and mama wolf #oh god #my hybrid king #so broken #i’m gonna die now

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Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies greet their fans as they leave 2014 Comic Con held at San Diego Convention Center after promoting ‘The Originals.’

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My heart.

I can’t even. This is beyond everything I have ever imagined.

It tooks my breathe away.

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