What do you want me to say, Klaus?

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Klaus + protective husband

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Klayley + 2.03

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I can’t deal with the fact that i loved this episode so much.

I can’t deal with Klayley being so perfect!

I can’t deal with Hayley on Klaus’s bed like it was the most normal thing to do.

I can’t deal with Klaus protecting Hayley from Esther and telling her to go.

I can’t deal with the fact that she gave the neckless to Hayley because he trust her.

I can’t deal with Hayley calling Hope with her name for first time. And her telling our daughter to Klaus.

I can’t deal with all the smiles that Hayley put on Klaus.

I can’t deal with Klaus yelling at her because she tought for a few seconds about Esther’s offer.

Seriously how much I love this two? How much.

Let’s not talk about the moment when Klaus realized what was the neckless for. Oh boy. I want more. I want more. But for now is too much!

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Esther is going to tell a secret about Klaus’s ? oh boy what If his biological father actually wanted to raise him =( or maybe Klaus’s father was part of Crescent Wolves pack LOL I know I know I should stop raising my expectations! Anyway I’m so ready for this episode it’s still strange to be sure that we are gonna have klayley scenes. Last years it was always like “maybe they’ll share the same room” and then nothing and nothing…

and now it’s like Christamas! LOL!

Sending you a big hug! Enjoy the episode for me originals family! I’m going to bed because I have the flu (bleah) so tired!

Happy originals day!

ps: I’m so looking for “weekly reminder to Hayley that not everything is changed ” what Klaus will say this time? and well Maybe we’re gonna see again our Klayley painting <3 I’ll never stop looking for it! Bye!

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I've just logged in and all i see is hate for phoebe what the hell happened? :(


I was shocked just as much as you are, trust me. It seems there is a new problem they have created. Another “smart” one, obviously. So, according to some people the photo Phoebe posted on her instagram, the one from Candice’s wedding, with the unzipped dress, was a huge scandal. Let me quote one here: “You don’t make someone else’s wedding about you because it’s rude and tacky.” Sorry, but I don’t know whether I should cry, feel sorry for people who write such things or maybe just laugh at their stupidity? I have really no idea. I’ll just pray for them, I guess.

Anyway, they crossed the line once again! Like I said earlier - they are insane. They are psychos. And I mean it. They stalk her, her twitter, her instagram, her everything! Then, they look “the material” they can use in order to create some irrational reasons to hate on her and then they say these are all legitimate reasons, so what the hell do we want from them? Yeah, well, let me just it this way… To all people, who do nothing, but hate on this poor girl:

Calling Phoebe names, create more idiotic reasons to justify your unreasonable hates doesn’t make her a bitch. It makes you, people look like total bitches. That’s all.

So, that’s pretty much the summary on what is happening. We just need to ignore them, I believe. They’re not worth any of anybody’s nerves. Stay strong!

All of this!! can you live her alone??? Once again I repost this!

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