The Originals  → Camille O’ Connell  + in every episode

               ↳ season 1 ep 06 /22

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The Originals  → Davina Claire + in every episode

       ↳ season 1 ep 06 / 22

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Joseph Morgan + Phoebe Tonkin → being super cute promoting s02 The Originals ♡ x | x

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The Originals  → Davina Claire + in every episode

       ↳ season 1 ep 05 / 22

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Klaus & Hayley || ‘king and lionheart’ 

Dedicated to captainnoonesgirl well, because it was who requested it and who introduced me to the song ;) ♥

I hope you like it sweetie!!

By the way, everyone watch her video here

And dedicated to youwerethereforme because her post Klayley Parellels was such an inspiration for some parts of the video, and well, because her blog it’s just amazing!! ♥

And I’m kind of making it up to you for that time I forgot to add you to my favourite klayley shippers…

Awww sweetie!!! I’m speechless I promise as soon as i get back I’m gonna watch it! I can’t now with my cellphone! thanks again! and I’m planning more parallels! 

don’t worry about that time I know you didn’t do it on purpose you’re one of the reason why I love my dash so much! 

I never thought I could inspire somebody with my edits <3 <3 

thank you!

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I love your "Davina Claire in every episode" edits<3

Thank you so much!! 

check also the edits for Cami Hayley and Rebekah ;) 

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