Klaus + Hayley The Originals Still 1.20

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Klaus + Hayley The Originals Still 1.20

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Hayley Marshall + Season One Outfits
↳ Episodes 7 - 13
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thank you so much for your kind words! You have no idea how much that warmed my heart. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing a smile to my face when I really needed it.

in the past month you didn’t know how many times I was sad and even looking at your klayley post or just to see you on my dash… it helped me to stop thinking about my problems… This, tumblr, might be only for free-time but sometimes helps people to feel better. It’s just a sad day… it will get better… and you’ll never realize it.


I love you , klayley-twin  

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charmed appreciation week:  favourite family relationship → piper and chris

thank you for coming here.

I wish we could had more moments like this. Piper and Chris were super cute. I miss Charmed. I miss Piper and I seriously miss one of my first favourite characters: Chris Halliwell. Thank you Drew

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I’m feeling really down today and it’s sucks because I haven’t had a day like this in a while. I’m just feeling really lonely and it’s making me sad/depressed. I’m not used to being away from my family on holiday’s like this. I wish I could be home with everything having dinner and playing with my niece but Instead i’m all alone on the other side of the country with nothing to do. I have no one, my best friends are all off elsewhere living their lives, I don’t have my fam, and I don’t have a significant other to spend time with. It’s literally just me and my computer lounging around in sweatpants. I get on facebook and see everyone else all dressed up and out with their fam or celebrating with their boyfriends/fiance/husband and it just really hits me hard that I don’t have any of that around me. I don’t know it just really really suck and I don’t want to feel this way but I can’t help it. 

Let me hug you for the next couple of hours

I know how you feel it happened also to me sometimes… I can’t even tell you how much I miss the other half of my family who lived far away from me and I can see them only twice a year… specially my little cousin Aurora, she has a twin brother but she is the one I miss most. She has 3 1/5 years and every single moment I spend with her its like heaven…  So it’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to miss them and even If you feel lonely… you’re not. We’re here to make you smile, to make this day better. I know there is a pc between all of us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be close like family. Just a different kind. So you’re lonely… and sad… but remember we’re for you… it’s not the same but we’ll  be there when you’ll feel better. We support you, you made my dash and of course many of other followers better… so it’s just so normal to stand by you in this moment.

We/I on tumblr will make you smile today, its not enough I know we are not your family but we’re here.

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