When does the originals come back

6th oct, next monday, we’re almost at the end of this long summer hiatus!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD

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(some of the) best Michael and Sara moments

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OMG!!! I was watching the promo pics for ep 2.03 and I had this idea that the pic with Klaus and Hayley doesn’t belong to the same scene but then I stopped watching at Hayley’s one.

It’s Klaus bedroom!!! look at all the things I noticed!!! It’s Klaus apartment! There is no doubt about it! the paint, the details of the bed! the lamp!!! It’s the same!! Hayley is in Klaus’ bedroom! AWWWW please I know it could mean nothing but this make me so happy ! like seriously HAPPY!!!

or maybe I’m crazy and this hiatus is getting over me LOL

I don’t know what do you think?

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"Henry brought me to Storybrooke to bring back the happy endings. My job’s not done until I do that for everyone… Including you."

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you’re the one who’s going to change everything for us

this brought tears into my eyes. Beautiful. Touching. Perfect.

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