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aww hope your day gets better! and I hope you do that story you know I’m always here to help!

Your always too sweet with me! I’m going to bed I guess coming back at work wasn’t so easy as I thought even If I was happy to see my kids after the summer holidays… we’ll see this week! love u!

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Klayley + ours 

[inspired by ccajera comment ]

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Today, was not a good day…and problem is I can’t explain why… it’s just one of those days where you just want to stay in bed and read or watch a The Originals marathon.

Anyway, while I’m ending Cerulean Blue, I’m about to start a new fan fiction where Hope is the main character as a teenager but she will have a different storyline than the one we can imagine. Problem is I’m not sure If I’ll post it in english. My problems are too much because every time I have to do a double job to put it on another language and If I have the pleasure to have somebody else who helped me a lot, It’s really a huge thing. So I would love to share it with you I just have to figure it out If my english will be good enough to make the reading enjoyable. I guess we’ll see because you have no idea how much I want to share it with you all my klayley tumblr family.

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Hayley + Klaus | 2. 01 Rebirth
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Klayley + reasons why we love them    4 / 24    [inspired by x ]

         #4 Because they both have a low self-esteem
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Site Update: The Originals - Episode 201 HQ Tagless Stills x11 (x)

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