Ok. A storm broke our wi fi connection. I came almost-back with my cellphone and first thing i read is JOSEPH MORGAN IS A MARRIED MAN!!!!!


so so happy for him he is so beautiful in white!!! God Joseph i wish you all the love in this world! Persia take good care of him he is special to me.

Now i need to broke my dreams where he was the Man of my life and we lived happily ever after on the originals set surrounded by spoilers,klayley plot, and amazing fans LOL LOL

(I wish i could use one of my gif in this post hahah )

:) congratulations!!!! That’s what i call surpriseeeeeee

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According to OnlineActingCoach they are casting a new recurring role for episode 2.04 The Originals his name is Aiden… no other details for now!!!

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YES YES YES!!! I did it!!! I finished chapter 9 of Cerulean Blue!!! OH THANK GOD!!! 14 pages!

my god can’t believe it! I have to edit the english version but soon I promise!!

Oh i’m so happy klayley family!!! YES YESSSSSS

i so hope you will love it a little bit at least

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I love my family. You. Elijah. I loved all of you. 

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"A mother’s arms are made of tenderness, and children sleep soundly in them."

—Victor Hugo
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I definitely see a strong partnership for klaus and Hayley. Progression in their relationship is a must. Hopefully no more miscommunication and mistrust. I would love if the writers save Klayley last or at least be explored. Leave small indications of romantic undertones. Let them develop throughout each season and then slam us with the romance. Let it blossom. Can a shipper dream? lol


yeah I’m really looking forward to their relationship progression. Last season they had a lot of miscommunication, some resentment going on, wrong assumptions and all that Jazz but by the end of the season they had finally started to find some solid ground with each other. The strides they made in the last 3 episodes were really great and I think that after what happened in the finale they will continue making those strides. I mean there is no longer any doubt about how much Klaus cares about Hayley, not even in Hayley’s mind probably. She saw him storm in that church for her and their baby. She heard him screaming when they killed her. I think they will finally be in a place where they completely trust each other next season, which is something Hayley was lacking in season 1. I think they will continue to build their partnership and as how much they trust each other grows and how much they care about each other grows then we will maybe see something else between them start to grow. I’m really interested in seeing how much Hayley cares about Klaus next season. I want to see him really protective of her but I also want to see her really protective of him. Like I want them to get to a level where no on even dares say some sideways shit about Klaus in Hayley’s presence without her going off lol I hope we see protective Hayley with this storyline about klaus’s parents being back. She stuck up for him back when she wasn’t even on good terms with him. I could see more of that happening with Hayley, which I’m sure would mean a lot to Klaus. Plus not to mention she will already have an axe to grind with esther for trying to kill her baby girl. I really think we will mostly see them really bond with each other and build their connection which will leave them both kinda confused about what’s really going on. Then later we will see them transition to some real romantic feels and when that happens I’ll just over here on tumblr fangirling like 


That’s what we’ll do until October! DANCE!!!

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